Economics For Beginners



Learn Economics concept design to benefitĀ beginners. The course aim to benefit anyone who wants to understand and apply principle of economics in social or as a profession.

You’ll learn how the concept of what is Economics is all about! How it impacts daily life of a consumer like all of us.

In this course you will learn fundamental concept of Economics! Including:

  • Learn basics of Supply & Demand
  • Learn How Consumer make choice and preferences
  • Learn How the Budget and Cost of living relates
  • Learn the concept of Risk and Preference
  • Learn the concept of Market Mechanism
  • Learn the concept of Income and Substitution Effects
  • Instructor-led tutorial
  • and much, much more!

This course on Economics for Beginners are perfect for any graduates who wants to learn and need to prepare for Economic as a subject with an ease of understanding. This will also benefit any part-time student or home-based students who is studying economics.


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