Devops for Beginners


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Learn DevOps concepts to implement your CI/CD pipeline

You’ll learn how to deploy an application. DevOps a set of tools and practices to integrate and automate Application with IT.

In this course you will learn fundamental concept of DevOps! Including:

  • Learn Why use DevOps concept
  • Learn the Roles and Responsibilities under DevOps Practice
  • Learn the different Phases of DevOps cycle
  • Learn the concept of Versioning tool using GIT
  • Learn the concept of CI/CD pipeline
  • Learn the concept of Ansible to automate your task
  • Learn how to deploy an application
  • Hands-On Instructor-led tutorial
  • and much, much more!

Learning this Fundamental of DevOps course are for the ones who wants to want to start or switch career to Application Deployment and Automation lifecycle. This fundamental of DevOps is good enough for any learner to gain the understanding and start his/her first application deployment process. Our Instructor-Led classes will teach you to every section and tasks, modeled after real world requirement and situations.


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