Data Science Level 1




Learn the hands-on concept on Data Science and different Statistical Models

You’ll learn the concept of Data Science and its use. You will write your first statistical Model for data Science. Learn the powerful statistical model used for different machine learning algorithms.

In this course you will learn the Fundamentals of Java to get you ready for Job Interviews! Including:

  • Get started with Data Science
  • Learn the concept of Data Science and its real-world applications
  • Different Machine Learning Algorithms
  • Understand the Basis of Economics
  • Learn the concept of Supervised and Unsupervised algorithms
  • Learn the Regression model with hands-on demonstration
  • Learn the concept of Clustering
  • Learn the concept of Bagging and Boosting
  • Hands-On Instructor-led tutorial
  • and much, much more!

Learning this first level of Data Science course, will help make you ready to implement your own data Science project for academics and for professionals to crack Job Interview to take the first step to switch you career path onto Data Science. Our Instructor-Led classes will teach you to every section and tasks, modeled after real world requirement and situations.


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